So I've been trying Exomental Projection the past few nights and, like many reports I've seen, I can get to the blurring part, but no further than that except one eye (usually the left) will start going blind with a swirly feeling until I lose focus and everything goes back to normal.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is that while a few of my (and other people's) claims seem a bit over the top and there's no real way I can think of to settle disputes between psions and "the supposed". I, for one, would be open to spar with anyone to settle any disputes, as that's the only way I can really think to go about doing it. It'll prove skills and make believers out of nons.

Electrokinesis is one of my main focuses right now (it's most likely a bad idea to try so many things at once and excpect results) and I think it makes sense that listening to loud electronic and dubstep shoots tingles through my body and makes me feel like I'm full of static. I can send small shocks SOMETIMES, but even that requires a lot of concentration and charging.

Last night I was watching a video on my ipod on youtube and the quality began to drop both in sound and image, usually meaning the wi-fi connection got weak and it sacrificed quality for loading. I don't know whether to call it technokinesis or technopathy, but I visualized myself mentally projecting my body into empty space, taking an imaginary wire from the ipod and grabbing onto another imaginary wire from the router. As soon as the "circut" was complete from me just grabbing the wires, the quality of the video instantly improved to max until I let go. Then I visualized myself tying the wires together and the video stayed perfect for the rest of it and every video after was perfect, too. I done felt good about meself.

Tried some hydrokinesis at the nearby lake the other day and got some small ripples in the water which attracted a big group of sunnies of all sizes.

Gotta admit it's pretty hard to not force something you're trying to will to happen. The whole "don't think, just do it" thing is a hard nut to crack and I find myself either walking around on airs thinking to myself I can do whatever I want, just when it doesn't work it simply means I didn't really want to do it, or I'm concentrating too much on the saying itself and nothing happens anyway. Derp.

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