Souls or spirits can be either helpful or deadly. Most of which will try to communicate with you to try and take control of your person, or your body. Either that or they will try and get to you, scare you, mentally harm you. A lot of them can try to physically harm you but with no success, but the entity could have some success. Most spirits or souls cannot physically harm you very well, but they can really screw with your head. These entities will try talking with you, they will probably tell you to 'open your aura' or 'open the door' this is basically saying that they want you to make an opening for them to get into you, and take over your body. If you have a spirit following you around saying this type of stuff, DO NOT LISTEN, do not listen to it, and do not open your aura, or 'open the door' because after words the entity will be able to enter your body, and take control over it. and possibly kill you. If it doesn't kill you it WILL make your life a living hell hole. I am writing this blog because of a fellow wikia member has had one of these spirits following after him. It still is, and has been for years now. He was wanting to know more about this, and asked us in the chat, we tried to figure out as much as we could about this entity. He has an entity that follows him, and he calls this entity 'The Void' because of the way he looks, according to Rainwalker,  this 'void' creature's body is of a vaccuum of space, inside of which is darkness, coloured clounds, black holes, and planetary systems.

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