What was I banned for this time? How long was I banned? You guys are really annoying, am I not allowed ot be me without getting banned? Would you like me to mask myself and speak lies to imitate you? Lies with good intentions are still lies and I wished to speak the truth I wanted to see how people think, and even then when I asked whether you wanted me to lie or ignore her rather then be honest you banned me when I asked!!! I am willing to change to ways I want to be but I do not want to change through dishonesty, a bad tree bears bad fruit! I believe we should have thr right to speak our minds. I would like the real reasons why I was banned when being banned not things that sorta kinda work, if you have the right opinion, but the reasons why you banned me, the legit the specified reasons. You guys should allow understanding to occur, I am not judgemental and I will not think any les of a person for being selfish, I mean seriously you fight it alot and refuse to allow anything that might be difficult for people in the end will help them more then words, and words are wind as it said in a book, we need legitimate understanding speaking from the heart not just saying what is socially correct, social correctness doubtless has it's reason but it is best if we understand the reasons.

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