The subconscious mind is the part of your Brain storing all your experiences, it remembers everything with amazing detail. It's also very powerful and can be used I manifestation to get quick results. It can be directed by emotions, when I say emotions that includes words they make you feel certain ways about certain things. The subconscious is unfortunately easily manipulated and often exploited due to the fact that is misses nothing, I might explain how to best exploit and manipulate it in another blog or I might not. For example if you hated something, like say money, then your subconscious will interfere with you making money. Although you can change your subconscious by convincing it you are right, going into denial or cognitive dissidence, a good example is Benedict Arnold who justified his betrayal as saving American colonies from the French church. You can also convince it by repeating something, which is why hitler's big lie theory works. I hope to make another article on ther superconscious but haven't yet gathered enough knowledge on it.

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