Hello Everyone its Sean, I hope you are all having a great day. First of all I would like to clear something up. My old account is Erosfan222 and I know a lot of you guys but I created a new account cause I felt I needed an updated account. Next, i'm making this blog in order to discuss something that has always fasinated me. Supernatural beings have always had a great influence in my life since I was little. As a natural calirvoyant, I've been seeing spirits and other...things since I was a small child. However even though I LOVE hearing peoples ghost stories I'm more interested in other supernatural beings. Below I would love for you all to share your sightings(If you have any) of any supernatural beings no matter what it is. If you haven't fell free to talk about any supernatural creature that has fasinated you. Well I hope you enjoy sharing your stories below! Have an amazing day :) 


~Open Your Mind~

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