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January 16, 2013
  • SeekingForTruth

    you know I am seeing a lot of people blogging, saying how they want to leave.

    i don't know or i don't care if its for attension or a sincere message, but i can't help feeling a little responsible, one might even say guilty

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  • SeekingForTruth

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  • SeekingForTruth

    well those of you who have seen the many hilarious death threats from a mysterious group known as "PDK." they said all psychics would meet their end today.

    everyone still alive, yes? no?

    well thats lame

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  • SeekingForTruth

    why does everyone keep saying "psion", in what parapsychological or any supernatural document, lab report, or journals uses the term "psion."

    I'm sorry but it is a pet peeve(however thats spelled) of mine

    whoever says they are are "psion" needs to do their homework. it is "psychic" not "psion"

    thank you for your time

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  • SeekingForTruth

    Help if wanted

    March 5, 2013 by SeekingForTruth

    so i have been doing an ass load of research, and ive been learning some interesting info that some of you will want to take for granted

    now if anyone wants help then comment. of if not then sure whatever

    now what i can do is hear your story, what you want to devolpe, tell you if you are on the right track or not and experiment.

    we all know im an ass but i know what im talking about, this is my feild of expertise

    you get to devolpe psychic ability and i get to test my research

    also to those who have read my research, u dont take it all for granted, it needs changes

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