We need to improve how we train people and ourselves. We need more information that what this site gives. we need to know what works and what doesn't. heres what i propse. 5 teams looking at 5 different areas and perspectives.

Group 1:

psi energy and how it is affects during the action of kinesis and how the object or area is affected

Group 2:

Techniques, Technique combination, what works well with what, what works better than what. how can what be improved

Group 3:

What equipment and tools can increase our performance. what can be used as training equipment and an amplifier for our kinesis performance

Group 4:

Occultic teachings and secrets. what did they use, how do they see it differently, how can it used to our advantage

Group 5:

Scientific and logical understanding of kinesis and how to train people to perform kinesis using logic and science

Comment what group you wish to be a part in so I will know who is doing what and that you will know who else is doing the same thing as you are so you may work together

When you collect data email it to me immediatly so that others and i can organize it and share it with you all

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