Now this blog is for those who think half skeptic like me and my group. My group and I have been doing actual research into this feild of psuedo-science and can put science into it.

Our page will explain both "Scientificly/Logically and Spiritual/Metaphsyical understandings of everything we say.

Now we have already dug up alot of information. I know I have. I personally found the scientific understandings of just about every form of kinesis, though sorcery and paranormal is still a mystery to me scientifically

So comment what form of kinesis, paranormal activity, or forms of sorcery/Magick you would like to be:

  • Explaing scientifically/logically
  • Examples in history or a basic concept understanding
  • The best way to devolpe the technique (psychic ability)
  • What the idea is and is it real, if so where to look (paranormal activity
  • What it is, how its used and what sources to read (sorcery/Magick)

Don't be shy

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