• Silver wax


    December 26, 2013 by Silver wax

    Jing jing also called ultimate energy its a type of energy made from compressed chi yet its alot stronger and thicker than normal chi,  a high level user can make a pushing force strong enough to push objects and even people it can also be used in energy manipulation techniques wich can make stronger effects comparing to normal chi however generating jing can take alot of time for example if it takes you 3-5 minutes to make a strong chi ball it can take 10-12 minutes to make a jing ball thats becuse chi already exists in your body but you have to make jing.

    How to generate jing 

    1. to generate you must be able to control and move chi 
    2. meditation is always a great way to meditate for 5 minutes you dont have to but it's highly recommended
    3. after you …

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