• SirianStarMan


    November 10, 2013 by SirianStarMan

    What are Starseeds? There people with souls of diffrent races from diffrent planets, theres millions of us, the races I know of are as follows.

    - Achturus

    - Sirian

    - Plieadian

    Theres obviously alot more races.

    So some other information about us are as follows.

    Our mission:

    To help Humanity become aware, if the illuminati and of the corrupt ways of there world, and to help them ascend and become a peacful world like all of ours.

    We forgot all of our knowelege and our missions were waking up and rememeber it the waking up pracess is called "awakening"

    Its when a star seed remembers everything about why he/she is here, and there chakras and energy start to increase, and so does there dna activate (humans have alot of dna that is not active), witch hel…

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