What are Starseeds? There people with souls of diffrent races from diffrent planets, theres millions of us, the races I know of are as follows.

- Achturus

- Sirian

- Plieadian

Theres obviously alot more races.

So some other information about us are as follows.

Our mission:

To help Humanity become aware, if the illuminati and of the corrupt ways of there world, and to help them ascend and become a peacful world like all of ours.

We forgot all of our knowelege and our missions were waking up and rememeber it the waking up pracess is called "awakening"

Its when a star seed remembers everything about why he/she is here, and there chakras and energy start to increase, and so does there dna activate (humans have alot of dna that is not active), witch helps us.

The Galactic Federation Of Light:

These people are all of our races that incarnate on earth together, they watch over earth and humanity, you can constantly see them in the sky, as moving stars but those are realy ships of theres, you may not notice but there flashing if you zoom in to them with a telescope, there here going to save us starseeds and take us home after our mission witch will be finished very soon.

Galactic Federation of Light - Message from The Pleiadians - WAKE UP!22:48

Galactic Federation of Light - Message from The Pleiadians - WAKE UP!

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