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    This page is a sequel to "Darkness and chants". It will contain the next: advanced techniques, sigil techniques and even more.

    Do not attempt to try out these if you don't have the necessary amount of energy and power.

    So, to begin, techniques are ranked in 4 groups: Circle (non-sigil based techniques); Triangle (sigil based techniques); Blue Star (techniques based on chants and sigils) and Detronom (based on hand signs and "second" language, also using sigils).

    Circle Techniques: most of them can be found in my first article.

    Triangle Techniques: Sigils are the only things used in them. I'll post some techniques later.

    Blue Star Techniques: They're called like that because the Blue Star is the sign of major mastery. It takes about 5 months of …

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  • StalkerInWoods

    Darkness and Chants

    August 16, 2013 by StalkerInWoods

    This post will teach you everything you want to know about darkness and a few chants that may help you.

    Small notice: before starting I would like this to be read. First of all make sure you have enough power to control darkness. It consumes a lot. Do not believe or think you have the right amount of power. Feel it! It is really important. Once you're connected to darkness there's no turning back.


    Darkness, a simple word, many meanings. Most of you may think it's like: it's night, the moon blocks the sun, so it is dark. That is dark, a part of darkness, but darkness is an element itself. Many people confuse darkness with shadows. Shadows are formed when there is no light. They're a part of darkness but they are temporary. That's why da…

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