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  • Sternensaat

    Heliokinesis blog

    July 12, 2015 by Sternensaat

    heliokinesis or solar manipulation is the power to manipulate the sun's energy using the mind alone.

    Meditation Visualize yourself underneath the sun directly. Feel its energies coming down into you and merging inside of you. Try to see the sun's energy as warm and powerful. When you visualize the sun above you, make it seem bright, and a vibrant orange-ish or gold color. This is to connect more with the sun.


    Sun Absorbtion This is what you think it is; you basically absorb the energy from the sun. (this may sound similar to the meditation, but it is different) Stand up with your feet shoulder length apart. Next, put your arms out to the sides so that your body looks like a "T". Visualize the sun in front of you, and see its solar f…

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  • Sternensaat

    X ray version

    April 12, 2015 by Sternensaat

    The abilitie X ray verion ist the poweer to see in objects.

    Its of german:    

    I will taht the page X ray version real is!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Sternensaat


    December 5, 2014 by Sternensaat

    levitation is a power.

    with levitation can you fly.levitation is real.ic can this (for 2 minutes long).

    What is Levitation?

    Levitation is the ability to defy gravity and lift yourself into midair.

    How do you do Levitation? (This was the hardest to find) also another technique on

    Levitation: First, you must realize that there is no gravity, just energy holding you down. This is because the negative and positive energies are colliding to keep you in place. Your body has the negative charges, while the energy coming down has the positive charges. Here's the effect. Raise one hand up above your head, and the other below your waist. Make the bottom one come up, and the top one come down. They'll colide mid-way and …

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