heliokinesis or solar manipulation is the power to manipulate the sun's energy using the mind alone.

Meditation Visualize yourself underneath the sun directly. Feel its energies coming down into you and merging inside of you. Try to see the sun's energy as warm and powerful. When you visualize the sun above you, make it seem bright, and a vibrant orange-ish or gold color. This is to connect more with the sun.


Sun Absorbtion This is what you think it is; you basically absorb the energy from the sun. (this may sound similar to the meditation, but it is different) Stand up with your feet shoulder length apart. Next, put your arms out to the sides so that your body looks like a "T". Visualize the sun in front of you, and see its solar flares jumping out. Imagine the solar flares pulling towards you, until it finally touches and enters your body; visualize the flares moving around you. You should feel energized.

Solar Ball First, do Sun Absorption. Next, bring the suns energy into your palms and pool it in there until your hands start to feel kind of hot. Cup your hands like you are about to create a psi ball. Except, visualize the orange-ish or gold sun energy coming together from your palms. Make the ball of sun energy as dense as you can.

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