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  • I was born on November 12
  • I am Do you really want to know?
  • Stormmer

    The main thing that this wikia lacks is activity. You can argue that it's the information, that it lacks techniques, or you could say that there is too much fluff - yet, still, those things would be fixed if there were enough people.

    What I think would make people stick around some more and be active is having them participate in some sort of project. I believe that most people on this site are either beginners or intermediate practitioners, reason for which, I want to make some sort of project for all of us to grow and become better psions.

    My plan is the following:

    • Eveyone that joins has to decide on a certain achievable goal. It has to be one single subset of an ability: for example, making plants grow faster, or moving glass balls etc. Af…

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  • Stormmer

    I've made a somehow introductory post right here. I apologize for absolutely any kind of subjective way of talking, or accents on certain aspects due to my own opinion.

    Sex magick can roughly be defined as any magickal act which uses sex as a component of the casting (as obvious as it is). Generally, sex magick is used in order to transcend, materialize, exhaust a desire, or get inspiration from it. It has always been part of of the magickal practice, though some see it as a lesser taboo, because, for some reason, it might conflict with their concept of what a mage is supposed to be and do. Stereotypically , it's seen that followers of the Left-Hand Path would dabble in it, thanks to its ability to express and control desire.

    Sigilization - …

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  • Stormmer


    September 18, 2013 by Stormmer

    I was speaking to Torquil recently, and I thought to take his advice. I won't quit without saying a word. And it's a tough decision, what should I say? Hmm, choosing just one word...such a performance is way too much for me. What single word holds a meaning able to explain and detail my reasons of leaving. Maybe something which symbolizes change, modification of priorities, or even the randomness of my decision. 

    Not quite randomness if I were to analyze my reasoning. Thinking about it, the word has to be more than meaningful. I think the best word to decribe it would be "Ansuz". Yeah, that's the best word for it. The wisdom behind it suits the situation well. 

    Anyhow, this is my farewell, most likely followed by Torquil's.

    Part two: http://p…

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  • Stormmer

    As an admin, my lazyness and chaotic choices manifested forward with the changing of wikia design (thankies Torquil), the clearing event (Thankies Horsy, Torquil, Alsy ). Lots of admins quit, some admins/b-crats and such were banned, and my tail might have been there, influenced by me or not, bragging surely is a good thing. Well then, here we are again. I got to explain as we further progress into the end of "the quest".

    You see, this thingy changed . Quite a lot to be honest. And not in the 8 months of my membership, hell no, in a bloody short time. It was vulcanic, it was tempting , it was exactly the thing I needed to rejoice myself. Without properly realizing, I seeked the change of this wikia. Is it good, is it bad? Not quite, just ch…

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  • Stormmer

    Call them learning groups, call them unofficial online convens, however you prefer. I was thinking that we should start making learning more interactive between members, so I brought up the idea of having unofficial mentors. I will make a personal list of mentors which should teach the ones who want, other admins will do the same, or not, however they prefer.

    As much as I want this to be official, I will wait for the feedback from other admins and moderators, as well as you, the community of this site (afterall, this is done for you). The system would be like this: There will be a series of mentors, which will have lessons on tinychat, skype, whatever they prefer.

    • A member can choose to learn from a mentor (only one mentor, not more than one…
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