Call them learning groups, call them unofficial online convens, however you prefer. I was thinking that we should start making learning more interactive between members, so I brought up the idea of having unofficial mentors. I will make a personal list of mentors which should teach the ones who want, other admins will do the same, or not, however they prefer.

As much as I want this to be official, I will wait for the feedback from other admins and moderators, as well as you, the community of this site (afterall, this is done for you). The system would be like this: There will be a series of mentors, which will have lessons on tinychat, skype, whatever they prefer.

  • A member can choose to learn from a mentor (only one mentor, not more than one), stay passive, or become a mentor.
  • A mentor cannot choose to be the apprentice of another mentor.
  • Every apprentice can join and leave any mentor's lesson whenever she or he wants.
  • Everyone can become a mentor
  • But, the mentors without any member/apprentice, will be demoted back to the passive state.
  • The mentor will choose the teaching platform (be it tinychat, mail, skype, whatever)

This system encourages everyone to try their luck, everyone got a chance, but if they aren't good enough (have apprenteces). Please leave all the feedback in your comments, whether you like it or not. Please as well say who wants to be part of the first series of mentors (I will be part of it).

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