The main thing that this wikia lacks is activity. You can argue that it's the information, that it lacks techniques, or you could say that there is too much fluff - yet, still, those things would be fixed if there were enough people.

What I think would make people stick around some more and be active is having them participate in some sort of project. I believe that most people on this site are either beginners or intermediate practitioners, reason for which, I want to make some sort of project for all of us to grow and become better psions.

My plan is the following:

  • Eveyone that joins has to decide on a certain achievable goal. It has to be one single subset of an ability: for example, making plants grow faster, or moving glass balls etc. After it is done, another one can be picked.
  • When joining, we will have a discussion regarding how that goal can be achieved, alongside a plan of training and experiments to be used to get there.
  • Everytime a breakthrough is made, that certain person making the breakthrough is advised to write a blog and tell everyone how they got there.
  • Anyone can join at any time and ask everyone any questions. The main reason I wanted to have this project is to make people feel like they are working together. I would love to help as many as possible, thing which I can't unfortunately do on comments, or with articles, since my ability to keep an answers concise isn't there.

Feel free to join my project or critique it. Thank you for reading!

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