For those who heard about the butterfly experiment, and the butterfly contests, I guess you all are curious how and why I made those butterflies. Before answering those questions, I will tell you a bit of the story before the butterflies.
   Why I made them? I am lazy, do not have patience, and practicing makes me bored. That's why i made them, I haven't wanted to train, and still, I have that feeling today. That's why butterflies were born, to have some kind of army of thingies to do stuff instead of me. The first prototype was pretty pathetic, with mechanical movements, and weird reflexes. After I improved a bit the prototype, one of the butterflies just faded away. After this event, I created a server which keeps track, and acts as a command system for those butterflies. This made me secure, this made me the owner and overall commander of the butterflies. But this didn't give them manners.
   You see, butterflies do not understand human society. They are made to follow 2 rules : to obey me, and to survive+learn+get stronger. That means that they are emotionless slaves, or are they? Every butterfly has certain habits and way of behaving, based on what energy they consume, based on what they see...even based on the feeling of music. They are not brainless, they are not emotionless... They hurt some people or do rude things because they don't think that it is rude. In their tiny world, they follow only that 2 rules, anything else is bad. If one attacked you for example, is because he wants to survive , that why it feeds from your energy, and because he wants to learn, more accurately , it wants to learn your abilities.
   Those guys, are dangerous. A tamer of one butterfly said that he depleted a great amount of his energy. What that tamer doesn't know, and I will tell you and him now, is that the butterfly learned healing from the stolen energy. More exactly , he sacrificed himself to learn something new. They aren't parasitic leeches, they are weird acting knowledge seekers.
  That's why I avoid explaining how butterflies are made, because they are dangerous even when they have a good intend. I will still use them, because they are great researching and learning material, letting me learn new abilities and understand better how abilities, energy etc. works, but if some evilish guy gains control over a butterfly system, having an army of demonic corrupting butterflies would be even more dangerous.

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