Since I've been here, everything on every post relied to visualize, visualize, visualize. And I've  been thinking, what if I wasn't so good with visualizing? Would I really have to spend countless days getting better at it to do some simple abilities? No. Visualization is just one way of doing things. It would be a boring world if we only had one option. You can rely on ANY of your senses. I like to rely on my touch and hearing for instance :) Sometimes it gets me farther from visualization. It's more natural to me. One guy even told me when he does hydro he would rely on his taste.  But the true mover of any ability are WILL and INTENT. If you know how to use those two correctly, you don't need anything else. It wil just fall in place. Using the senses is just like a conductor of that intent and will. Convincing yourself that you know it is happening. That's one more key to it-Knoweladge. You have to know that you can do it. Those are the only three things that realy matter in anything physical or psychic/psi  you're realy gonna do. Once you've got those down, you are done :) The point of this is, don't rely soely on visualizaion. Use what you are most comfortable with. You'll get better results.

Good luck and have fun :)

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