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  • SuperEliteJordan

    New Site Idea!!!!!

    November 27, 2014 by SuperEliteJordan

    Hey guys as you an guess by the title this is a sitte expansion idea.ALL PEOPLE READ UNTILL THE END BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!!

    1. This site WILL NOT BE BUILT LIKE EVOADVANCED!!! It will be buitl as close to wikia as possible plus all of our suggestion for improvment also with some modernizations.
    2. It will have a new name that will be checked for searchability(EvoAdvanced failed mostly because no-one can search it due to tons of sites being named EvoAdvanced)My recomendation is :"Psionic Keepers" as its a unique name but it is still quite searchable.
    3. It will be a Co-site to this one both site will be controlled by the same staff (mabye diffrent mods or admins) the sites will support and stabalize eachother.Neither site shall be superior or inferior.
    4. It …
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  • SuperEliteJordan

    Weekly changed blog

    September 23, 2014 by SuperEliteJordan

    OK this is a blog I made to act lime a weekly tip and skills blog and mabye newsletter or idea list.

    Today's tip:energy:it's In all living things So a big city or empty  forest are great places to harvest energy.

    the  election Isn't a competition it's a way of seeing if it's a good person for chat mod. *puts on shades* So deal with it.

    Comeback next week for a new blog :V

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  • SuperEliteJordan

    I've been hearing about these "indingo children" or some such for a while now and I heard of some pyschic army makers so I have one thing to say: WT* is this stuff?

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  • SuperEliteJordan

    Telepathy Shield

    September 13, 2014 by SuperEliteJordan

    So for a while now most new users or even experianced ones have been asking me in PM to tell them how to make a shield to block telepathy. So I'm just gonna make this blog to just link it to chat instead of explaining :/.

    1:make a normal bubble shield,

    2:Visualize the people around you and see words coming out of there forehead(pizza, basketball, etc.)

    3:Visualize the thoughts coming towards you but the shield blocks them not letting a single one through.

    Hope this helps!

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  • SuperEliteJordan

    The Psionic Keepers

    September 8, 2014 by SuperEliteJordan

    Ok its late for me so I'm going to make this short and sweet, we need a type of lower-ranking type of staff to help defend from trolls and such on this site and the new one

    That's what this group shall be doing, basically a small group of trusted people to help keep the site in order and in control they kick/ban but can't permenantly ban someone, they can also edit pages for grammer or incorrect stuff.

    They are assigned spots to overtake like

    Staff#1:Protects ESP

    Staff#2:Protects EM


    Please don't think I'm taking over the site or anything like that, or that I'm taking horseyqueens idea I just had a little to add on. And also goodnight.~yawn~

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