OK I have heard of several cases where animals , such as dogs or cats, will be able to use basic psionic abilites like read emotions, communicate with telepathy, and basic healing. I have read a article which explains this:

(This is NOT ME so don't say things like "so your cat is psychic?" and other things like that)

One day I went jogging and fell while I was jogging turns out I sprained my ankle and the doctor said I shouldn't walk for a day or so after my friends took me to the hospital.So I was at home lying down on my bed with only my pet cat.After a while my cat jumped on a bed and I gave my cat a pillow to sleep on but it didn't lie down it only stood up and stared at me.Then after a full minute of staring a idea popped into my head "pet me and you will feel better.".I was surprised about this seemed like my cat was speking to me so I petted it and the soreness in my ankle was gone still sprianed but gone.

That's the end of the article.

So please if you ever had a experiance like this please place a commet explaining what happened to you.

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