Hey guys as you an guess by the title this is a sitte expansion idea.ALL PEOPLE READ UNTILL THE END BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!!

  1. This site WILL NOT BE BUILT LIKE EVOADVANCED!!! It will be buitl as close to wikia as possible plus all of our suggestion for improvment also with some modernizations.
  2. It will have a new name that will be checked for searchability(EvoAdvanced failed mostly because no-one can search it due to tons of sites being named EvoAdvanced)My recomendation is :"Psionic Keepers" as its a unique name but it is still quite searchable.
  3. It will be a Co-site to this one both site will be controlled by the same staff (mabye diffrent mods or admins) the sites will support and stabalize eachother.Neither site shall be superior or inferior.
  4. It will be deepy filtered of fluff and fake abilities.
  5. Same rules apply to both sites.
  6.  all constructive suggestions will be considered no matter who as long as they are construtive.
  7. It  will have a chat and users will have accounts.
  8. It will have a Name,Logo,Motto on home page and possibly a flag/sign of power.

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