• I live in Canton MI
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is I'm operating in Psychic Activity. Same as before, guilding and coaching anyone expirening with their abilities. And showing them the way how to. Joy be to all!
  • I am Male
  • TK-24-7
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  • TK-24-7

    Psi School

    December 20, 2013 by TK-24-7

    Friends!...I would like to welcome you to the "Psi School"!!. Some of you here may know or ask what the Psi School is about. So, here's a brief description;

    Psi...we all know its the energy that courses through our bodies known as "pressure"...usually known as "Psychic power/energy" when used with the mind or through the mind "alone". That's right,...sometimes known as mind over matter or mind over body. Psi energy when used with the mind can manipulate unaltered psi energy around you; in other words this is called psi channeling. This energy controls and manipulates, the elements, matter and the fundamental/cosmic energies of the universe around you, sometimes, even beyond that!. Some of you may say "how is any of this stuff possible at all?"

    Here's how... are t…

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