A little bit about myself.

I have been interested in the occult and powers of the mind for as long as I can remember and have always possessed a strong connection to dark energy/umbrakinesis.

As such I began training and studying ways to take this as far as possible and in this pursuit have learned many exercises to open and align the chakras as well as ways of channeling energy that so far have produced amazing results in a short time.

with chakra meditation when done correctly you feel a buzzing, tingling or light sensation and some exercises especially ones that stimulate the 6th chakra and pineal gland are so intense and overwhelming they can make you trip balls!

Once I opened mine and began a regimen of daily chakra meditations and other related esoteric techniques I noticed my electrokinetic and umbrakinetic abilites had grown considerably in a matter of days.

After much research I learned that the soul or astral body is made of bioelectricity and the light spectrum and that by opening the chakras one's aura expands and intensifies each day, further evidenced by the fact you can detect spirits with an EMF meter.

Ever since I began chakra meditations my aura has visibly expanded and seems to increase in range by 2-3 millimeters a day. I measured this by the distance it takes for my aura to affect the plasma globes in my room which is a fun trick too. This also further validates the soul and aura being comprised of bioelectricity as electricity is known to react with other electricity.

The magnitude of my electrokinetic and umbrakinetic powers along with clairvoyance and clairaudience have also grown as my pineal gland develops through meditation.

I also powerlift and train in various martial arts so my appearance alone frightens most people who see me since the dark energies soaked into my skin have permanently bleached it and my size is also rather intimidating.

I descended from native shamans and european mages and as such was born with a natural talent for controlling certain energies.

I was in the ARMY for a little over a year before they decided not to pay any more soldiers and got laid off (that job was torture anyway and Iprobably would have got fire on purpose just to get out of that mess xD )  During my stint I saw alot of things that most people would never believe if I told them (you don't want to know what kind of idiots run the government trust me) and so I mostly just bury myself in my training and studies in occult sciences nowadays while practicing piano and drawing on a tablet here and there.

So yeah that's more or less me in a nutshell. 

kudos to anyone who can guess what my screen name means xD

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