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Whose Side are you Really on?

 Evil at its base is selfishness and desire There is no such thing as good and evil in actuality on those who give into their desires are evil but those who refuse their desires are good but what if u desire to be a better person and give up those other desires and desire to become pure?Chaos is complexity we can only comprehend it when we are complex as it" some times in the delusions of our own madness we see things more clearly"Order is simple just simple give and takeIn reality their just both systems of give and take driven by our desire only one is society while another is just a meeting of two peopleComplexity/chaos is all of thisSimplicity/order is on a pieceThat we under standWhen I came into this revelation I abandoned the desires of those around the "darkness" how ever I never stopped following darkness's agenda I simply stopped following the desires of those that "ruled it" Can someone actually rule an uncontrollable primal force?darkness's true nature is soft, gentle, and cloakingLight's true nature is blinding, revealing, and comfortingWhats yours, those who "rule it?"

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