I have noticed throughout my time here that mutliple pages have been plagiarized.  Plagiarism is defined as "the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own", via Google.  Sources are not cited and blocks of text are copied and pasted from websites and nowhere are they mentioned where they are from.

Plagiarism also occurs when you take a source and change a few words.  Sure, it's a little different, but you didn't do anything besides take out a word or rephrase it!  You still have to credit your source.  It wasn't your idea.  You didn't come up with it.  If you did this at college or a university, you would be expelled and it would go on your record forever.  If you look at "Aerokinesis", the second and third paragraph is copied from a website and they replaced the word "techniques" with "lessons".  That's plagiarism.

I have started to compile a list of every page that is plagiarized and the place it is plagiarized from.  We cannot simply slap quotes around it and say it's from that website.  That's not how it works.  We have to create original content written by ourselves, from our own community.  Getting ideas from other places is great, but if you use an idea from somewhere else you most definitely need to include it as a source.  Direct quotes need to be cited in-text.  Look at Wikipedia for an example of in-text citation on a Wiki page, or look at another Wikia.

The solution?  Bring the pages to light that are plagiarized and we can address them as a community.  It's not just something that I can fix on my own.  I've been told before that if I don't like it, I can fix it.  Now you can see that this is way too much for me to re-write.  Compiling this list(as of 10/30/14) has taken over an hour and a half.  Pick a topic you know a lot about and re-write the entire thing.  Include in-text citations.  Include sources.  Everything.

Comment below either what you think about this, or what page you are going to take on.  When you look at the individual pages, some of them need to be expanded upon greatly or aren't explained at all(Psychokinesis, for example). 

Here begins my compilation(not in any particular order).  Please note that I might not have gotten everything.  Also, this page will be updated when I have time to add more pages.  Check back for more additions.



Agrokinesis (none found)



Chronokinesis None that I am aware of.  I would like to mention that it seems there may have been some ideas from other sites taken that need to be credited if they were reworded.  Also, as this is a wikia, users do not credit themselves for what they contribute.  We are a community and our work is collective.  However, the major edits that are done are shown up in the edits and credit is given that way.  Stating it on the individual pages can be considered egotistical.

Cryokinesis  Notes:  All of it seems plagiarized.  Needs to be completely re-written.

  • Capabilities(all):  (website was published before it was added)
  • Techniques:  The previous edits SPECIFICALLY state they gave credit to other websites but didn't list them.  The techniques now need to be rewritten completely as there is no way to give credit to the original source.  The only source I find is the one stated above, but it was published with that information after it was added.  Here is even a website referring to the techniques as well(Nov 19, 2012):

There will be more later.  I've got to go to bed now.  G'night!

Here begins the adventure again, starting 10/30/2014 11:44AM EST:








I'll end here again, an hour later.  12:44PM.  Summarizing, every page is almost completely plagiarized from another website.  Every page needs to be completely re-written and needs sources.  I'll continue on from here later today or tomorrow.


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