We can separate scanning into two categories:  passive and active.  Passive scanning occurs when you talk to someone.  You get a sense of what the person is like, what their personality is, and perhaps some details of constructs around them (if applicable).  You don’t poke or prod around for any actual information.  It can also occur when you look at someone or something.  The same thing occurs; you get an idea of what the person is like.

Active scanning occurs when you intentionally gather information about that person’s energy system, constructs around them, energy signature, etc.  Doing this without permission can be considered rude and potentially a hostile action.  Most energy workers find it acceptable for passive scanning to occur, but request that a person ask before being actively scanned.  Some practitioners are able to feel that they are being scanned and may retaliate against the person that is scanning them.

There are many ways to prevent passive and active scanning.  The easiest (and most common) way to prevent active scanning is by a method called cloaking.  Cloaking simply places your construct, shield, or energy system under a shroud of ambient energy so that it blends into the area around you.  You may also use other more sophisticated techniques such as a mirror shield that re-directs the scanner’s perception to another area, potentially confusing them or thinking that there is nothing there.  More experienced scanners will be able to see that there is a cloak there, and ignore it.  It is common to have the cloak allow certain people to see through the cloak (such as friends).

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