• TheMasterBeliever

    Alright just to make it clear to all of you I am leaving Psi Wiki and never coming back EVER!!!!! It has been a wild ride and due to the long hiatus it's time for me to go. This is the end of the road for me since I have my own life now and it's better just to move on from something that I have spent so much time on plus I feel this needs closure. I'll still be on the internet no worry about that but not on any online energy community sites since all I have been seeing is fluff and BS. No matter how many generations has come it will always be the same thing all over again. 

    Before I leave let me tell you a story of how things were before....

    Back then in May 2012 this site was rescued by Dragon511 and Jetblackrlsh. Things were just completel…

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  • TheMasterBeliever

    Wikia Domain

    September 15, 2013 by TheMasterBeliever

    Hello fellow psions and wikians it's time for this site to have it's own domain so if anyone has any ideas how to do it post them in the comments below. The staff has been talking about this a while now and I think it's time to figure out ideas to make this site have it's own domain.

    I have done my research that this site has to bring profit to wikia itself to have it's own domain so if anyone is willing to donate any money to make this happen do it now. 

    This site has been around since 2007 and it's time to carry on this site to greater lengths so we own it not wikia. 

    I have read that this site has to be extremely popular to have it's own domain and we don't have the time or the patience to make that happen.

    We have 2 choices

    1. Persuade and Buy…
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  • TheMasterBeliever

    I am here to say that this wiki had it's ups and downs but I am glad the users here finally opened up their eyes and see that this site needs change. I am surprise of how the information on here is becoming legit as it was when I first came to psi wiki and I am very grateful. I have been noticing lately we lost a lot of members from this site and we gained back some old members and some new members as well. I left this site for a while because I didn't like how it was but then when I started to see how people are finally opening up their eyes I decided to come back and now this site has gained back an old member. So I'm going to be here for a while and watch this site grow back into a beautiful flower as it once was.

    • Legit Information.
    • Legit…

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  • TheMasterBeliever


    April 4, 2013 by TheMasterBeliever

    Tychokinesis is the ability to mentally and alter stochastic fields, which affect the chance of one event or another, thus generating good or bad luck. With this ability one could even use stochstic fields to set events into motion (as long as there is a chance of it happening anyway), causing normally-improbable things to happen, or normally-likely events to not happen. This could be positive or negative for either side.

    In quantum mechanical terms, this may actually be an inversion of the observer effect, where observation of a quantum waveform causes it to collapse into a definite state. In this case, the observer - the user - seems to be able to choose which of the possible states the waveform will collapse into, bending chance to his o…

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  • TheMasterBeliever

    I just found out something epic I can do with telepathy it's talking to someone telepathically and this is sooo much fun  what if you can do that too that will be fun huh talking to anyone that you know no matter how far you live from that person you can just speak to him just like using a phone but instead you are using your mind well I have an excellent idea.


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