I am here to say that this wiki had it's ups and downs but I am glad the users here finally opened up their eyes and see that this site needs change. I am surprise of how the information on here is becoming legit as it was when I first came to psi wiki and I am very grateful. I have been noticing lately we lost a lot of members from this site and we gained back some old members and some new members as well. I left this site for a while because I didn't like how it was but then when I started to see how people are finally opening up their eyes I decided to come back and now this site has gained back an old member. So I'm going to be here for a while and watch this site grow back into a beautiful flower as it once was.


  • Legit Information.
  • Legit Members.
  • Better Staff.
  • Better Pages.
  • People wanting to Help out this site.
  • Better Rules.


  • Some Pages needs to be edited or deleted.
  • Some comments needs to be edited or deleted.
  • Staff needs to be more active on chat and on pages to prevent problems.
  • Pages needs to be locked from anonymous users.
  • The design needs to change on wiki and on chat to attract more members.
  • This site needs more legit pages.

My Thoughts

I am very happy about how some of the members on Psi Wiki did to make this site as it once was when I came here.

horsyqueen: Thx you sooo much about how you helped out this site when you were an admin. You really did try your best to make this site great when you were an admin and you were an awesome mod. Thx you for helping this site out and giving out ideas to make this site as it once was.

P.S. I really didn't think you deserved to lose your adminship and it would be nice for you to be an admin again.

Torquil: Thx you for your awesome coding skills now you can make this site into an amazing place to visit. Sorry about how I treated you before I didn't know you can be a good admin.

Stormmer: The Mastermind behind this operation. I am very grateful that you decided to clean up this wiki of it's filth and making it as it once was. I hope you completely succeed in this plan so psi Wiki can finally be on top again instead at the bottom like how it was before.

I give my biggest gratitude to everyone else that I didn't mentioned in this blog who percipitated in this operation to save Psi Wiki.

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