I just found out that everyone is leaving this wonderful site

So I just want to know WHO IS ON THIS SITE NOW

because I found some people on MYTK (if you even heard of it) and also I found out that people are going to Jet's wiki what is this some kind of joke. I'm not trying to be mean but come on have you even been on his site it's a joke a disgrace to psionics and kinetics of all kind because of all of his stuff is nonsense, made up, gibberish, and very foolish. If all of you are leaving this site then this site may become a dead site unless if more people decides to come back to this site.

Also have you heard what Jet is saying about "Oh you can be a hero and save people and be popular and all of that stuff" you know what that is. That is being very dumb, so if all of you people thinks you can be a hero then you are barking up the wrong tree and come back to reality because all of this is just for fun and not, I repeat not USEFUL unless if you are completely certain that you have mastered it and you can use it to defend yourself with it.

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