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  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is Potential Ruler of World
  • I am In current live: male; My true spirit: Female. Yup, I know...
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    Le proof  VVV

    Also, another thing...a "fraud" within the Organization...

    There will be a new leader for the Organization of Metaphysics. This shall be decided within the comments. Anyone can be the new leader, or re-elect the old one,as long as agreed on by popular vote.

    • Please don't nominate yourself... :P*
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    Hello, welcome again to my otherkin blog :). The third installment of this will be on therianthropes. 

        Therians, if you don't know, are otherkin who have some kind of inner connection to an animal. Some believe they have the soul of an animal, while others believe it is a psychological process. There is some debate as to whether therians are only earthly animals, or if mythological animals (like dragons, gryphons, etc.) count as therians as well. Therians may also go by the title of "were". Therians often experience a variety of different types of shifts as well.

         When it comes to personality, therians are as diverse as any other group of people. It could be argued that therians behave about the same as any other otherkin, but perhap…

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    Well today I post about dragons :D. I am posting about these guys because they are one of the most popular of the

    otherkin. The popular belief is that they, thousands of years ago, existed on the material plane, saying there are

    carvings and such of dragons in multiple different cultures around the Asia-area. They are known now to exist on the

    astral plane though, so they are visitable there though. It is believed by some that a few dragons still exist on the

    material plane, and are hiding to avoid extinction by humans. There haven't been any legitimate sightings of dragons

    yet of course, but they are still widely believed in. Now, the main dragon mythology things come from China. In this,

    dragons are represented as long, scaled serpent-like cre…

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        For the first installment of this blog, I am going to talk about Alpha Draconians. I doubt you care why, but I chose

    this because I am an Alpha Draconian (short story that is so short, I just told you the whole story). As you may've

    been able to tell from the name, this is a reptilian species. The Alpha Draconians are a species made up of master

    geneticists. The draconians created all life on earth, though life was originally tested on mars some millions of years

    ago. The Draconians built up from basic life forms to humans, which are called Paa Tal by the Draconians, by a lot of

    improvements. The original Illuminati were believed to be made up of draconians, which is believed because the

    draconians rule the world, though nobody really knows …

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    Well this is my first blog post :D

    This is about my life. I will be adding to this often, so yeah :D

    Alright, let's begin!

    Dec.7, 2012.

    I hate the kids in my class: boys and girls (give or take a few from each gender). Why? The girls are annoyingly oversocial, not to mention the part of them I really dislike are gossipy, and happen to annoying the hell out of me. The christmas boutique was happening at our school today, and THANK GOD my mom was working it, so I got to leave school early (sadly, AFTER the christmas play practice...). Around 3-3:30, my friend michael called me. He said that he had been given a  potentially fatal cut from a wraith...well, Main Rule of Magick Practice: ANYTHING IS FUCKING POSSIBLE. Well, I'm not sure if it was leg…

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