Well today I post about dragons :D. I am posting about these guys because they are one of the most popular of the

otherkin. The popular belief is that they, thousands of years ago, existed on the material plane, saying there are

carvings and such of dragons in multiple different cultures around the Asia-area. They are known now to exist on the

astral plane though, so they are visitable there though. It is believed by some that a few dragons still exist on the

material plane, and are hiding to avoid extinction by humans. There haven't been any legitimate sightings of dragons

yet of course, but they are still widely believed in. Now, the main dragon mythology things come from China. In this,

dragons are represented as long, scaled serpent-like creatures with four legs. They symbolize potent, and specials

powers, mainly control over water (hydrokinesis). They also happen to represent power, strength, and good luck.

They are shown as floats during the chinese new year, being that the Chinese Dragon represents good luck. They are

also, in yin and yang terminology, shown as the Yang, while the fenghuang (Chinese Phoenix) is shown as the Yin.

In Chinese culture, the Dragon is used to compare people that are outstanding and excellent in what they do. The

Dragon is also part of the Chinese Zodiac, representing the years (only recent ones shown) 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012,

along with 11 other animals. The dragon is now modernly used as a subject for many movies. In these movies, it is

still represented as a powerful and wise being, though sometimes it is shown as an enemy.

Well, That's my 2nd article. I hope you all enjoyed :D


Novus Ordo Seclorum

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