Hello, welcome again to my otherkin blog :). The third installment of this will be on therianthropes. 

    Therians, if you don't know, are otherkin who have some kind of inner connection to an animal. Some believe they have the soul of an animal, while others believe it is a psychological process. There is some debate as to whether therians are only earthly animals, or if mythological animals (like dragons, gryphons, etc.) count as therians as well. Therians may also go by the title of "were". Therians often experience a variety of different types of shifts as well.

     When it comes to personality, therians are as diverse as any other group of people. It could be argued that therians behave about the same as any other otherkin, but perhaps sometimes more instinctive and slightly less archetypal. Being a Therian also affects your reactions to fellow friends, or humans. Your animal spirit may react differently than you would.

    Therians often experience shifts of which there are many types:

  • 1. Phantom shifts: These shifts involve the feeling of phantom limbs or a complete phantom body corresponding to the individual's theriotype.
  • 2. Mental shifts: These involve the shifting of urges and thought processes from human to animal.
  • 3. Dream shifts: These shifts involve vivid dreams where the individual experiences the dream as being their theriotype.
  • 4. Auric shifts: When the individual's aura or subtle body may shift or change to resemble that of their therioside.
  • 5. Physical shifts: When someone physically becomes there theriotype. While somewhat debated in the otherkin community in general, it is generally accepted that physical shifting is not possible.

    It is often thought that furries and therians are the same. While some furries are therians (and vice versa) the majority of the furry fandom are not therian and a good part of the therian community are not furries.

-credit to all sources I used-

That will be it for this installment, I hope you enjoyed :D


Novus Ordo Seclorum

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