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    I won't give up!

    January 1, 2013 by TheNewLife

    Correct, I won't give up. Maybe I'm not god, but I saw the future with my own eyes.

    Atlantis was the source for all older cultures, like the maya, the aztecs, etc. It was way advanced (yes, even spiritually) as the today's culture.

    When atlantis disappeared respectivley sinked to the ground, the culture of atlantis split into halfs over the whole world. The maya never had the perfect calendar, but still the prophecy that the era will end, is correct. It wasn't on 21 december, since it's very obvious that their calendar wasn't perfect. It will mostly be some days or even months later.

    This is another symbol for the resurrection of the sunken continent "Atlantis" which can be also called: The Lost Kingdom or The Kingdom of Nibiru.

    Do you even kn…

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