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  • The Green Phoenix

    I'm going to tell you everything and anything that this site has an issue with in a very blunt manner.

    1. This site has poor management

    This site has admins and moderators not doing their job, being favoritist, arguing, thinking they got more swagger than a tardigrade or a nasty-ass honeybadger.
    Some people ask me to help the site if it annoys me so much. Here is my answer: Hell No!
    Then comes the rule changes, dear fucking salty fish, no swearing? This place is becoming a dictatorship.
    Nobody likes a chat with no freedom. Nobody. It's like Stalin again.

    2. Inability to reach a consensus

    This site can't even make an executive decision without some admins leaving, some crying like they've
    stuffed salt down their throat, and some mediating.

    3. The ad…

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  • The Green Phoenix

    Tutor Request

    February 23, 2013 by The Green Phoenix

    As you may have heard, I'm natural in all kenisises. The problem is, I don't know how to use most of them, and I can't even make a construct..

    I'd like a competent tutor that can teach me advanced energy manipulation.

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