So, just as I was truly beginning to start manifesting my powers I had decided I wanted to heal because you know it’s a good thing to be able to do. So before I knew anything about this WIKIA I was trying to do healing. So one day my friend came into school with his leg hurting, he had rugby (English) so I decided to try and help him out. I didn't know any techniques, not even how to do a psi ball! But none the less I tried something. What I did was I looked at the energy within and surrounding my leg and made the image of a syringe going into the energy of my leg and taking some out. I then looked at my friend’s legs energy and put the syringe of uninjured energy into the injured leg. He then after a bit said his leg was feeling better.

P.S. If anyone has posted this ability in a blog here or elsewhere, I have NO idea. Sorry if you put this up somewhere else but I don't know.

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