Ok, so I am making this for all the noobs that join and don't know what their own energy feels like... Or for those advanced guys who just wanna know another way to do it... XD

Ok so this is MY way of doing it, I do not promise any full results. Your energy is exactly that YOURS I can only give you the way that I have done it so many times, getting accurate results each time. If you find a way more accurate than this, please feel free to post a link on the comments.

Disclamier bit out of the way now... we can continue...

So first things first, visualize a dark orb in your mind. It can be any colour, I just use dark blue because it is the closest thing to black that I can do in all the sparkles of my head xD . So, after visualizing this you want to visualize yourself going INTO the orb that represents your energy. Now you sort of need to 'feel' the energy around you, I cannot say HOW I do it, it just happens. When I do I feel warm, but also cold like death at the same time, and something fuzzy like when you just helped someone. So to me that means: Fire, UmbraK (because I DO NOT wanna go anywhere near Necromancy), and shielding/healing. Do this about 10 or so times and then whatever is the majority, I would say is what your energy is closest too.

Hope this helps.


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