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Ok so, I have been approached by a few people asking about my profile, as I state that my human form is male. I have 1st hand experiance of the 'Inbetween' worlds. The places reside within the space between 'Heaven & Earth' (This will be HE) and 'Earth & Hell' (This will be EH). In these places a creature be it Vampire or 'Demon' in the EH 'world'. Or Angel or Psyren in the HE world. In these worlds (HE & EH), there is a council of these worlds. In each 'country' there is a council, and in these councils are some of the more powerful creatures. There is also a 'High Council' of which creatures are given the title 'Death God'. I am in these two worlds on the high council. It is possible to 'find' your form, in these worlds. I am not sure of an actual way to do this though, as I was actually contacted by my form in these worlds. My form in these worlds is a 'Fire Demon' which makes some sence as I can connect to fire and darkness fairly easily. My friend, I found out in this world (Earth), is actually a Snake Demon. This race is a dying breed in the other worlds, as such they are often born with a higher fighting ability. As such most are often admitted onto the high council. 

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