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  • My occupation is A student and witch.
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    Magick-what is it?

    November 27, 2014 by Theblackwitch

    Magick,is the natural energies of the universe. It exsist everywhere and can be harnessed through practice and knowledge. There is three main types of forces in Magick which practitioners draw magick from,




    Vis naturae is the most common source of energy witches or practitioners can draw or harness. One must simply believe and let the energy flow into the practitioner to use. This is a neutral power and has no inherit dangers to use. The only drawback of using this power is that it is not specific,and such not very powerful if used for anything involving creation or destruction of someone or something. However for beginners,this is the best energies to use.

    Vis interitus is the least used among all three …

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