Magick,is the natural energies of the universe. It exsist everywhere and can be harnessed through practice and knowledge. There is three main types of forces in Magick which practitioners draw magick from,




Vis naturae is the most common source of energy witches or practitioners can draw or harness. One must simply believe and let the energy flow into the practitioner to use. This is a neutral power and has no inherit dangers to use. The only drawback of using this power is that it is not specific,and such not very powerful if used for anything involving creation or destruction of someone or something. However for beginners,this is the best energies to use.

Vis interitus is the least used among all three forces,and is the most harmful and hazardous to use. Practitiones draw upon this source to cause chaos,discord,pain,suffering,banishing,healing and even death to someone else. This is the energy of destruction,used to bend natural rules and cause general destruction. This energy is commenly drawn upon when practitionet tries to cause harm to others. But not only that,this energy is also drawn upon by people,be it Practitioners or our cousins the Psions when in state of high emotions like anger or sadness,whether consciously or sub consciously. Those whom practice dark magick draw upon this force. There are however drawbacks when harnessing this energy,those whom use it will feel fatiuge,faint or if used or in prolong exposure- PHYSICAL DEATH.

Vis creationis is prety much the exact opposite of vis interitus,however one should handle the energies of creation properlly. This is the source of why life exist,why evil and good exist,why hurricains are created and why the sun still shines. Humans have the great capasity to create,only..humans can create both good and evil. Those whom harness this power for selfish reasons can never stop,and will continue using this power until it consumes them. It is best to not delve into this type of magick until the practitioner is ready to except the price of using this power and is rid of most selfish desires.

People harness this energies subconsciously,however one can start by learning the ability of energy manipulation. It will be a stepping stool for much harder to technics. The best way to harness the energies however,is to do it your own way and keep on trying and trying.

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