Revive The Wiki Goals

  • Add at least 20 "edits" each week. This counts comments and blog posts.
  • Add at least one blog post that contributes to the content of the wiki each week.
  • Mention the wiki to outsiders at all oppurtunities.
  • Seek out at least once a week to find new areas where you can spread awareness about the wiki.
  • ASK ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE METAPHYSICAL HERE - It adds to our content, and if you wish to ask somewhere else, that's fine, but then come on the wiki and make a blog post that gives your Q and A and credit who gave you the answers.
  • Don't discourage others or get into fights: There's only a couple of us here, and we don't want to lose a valuable member. We need to stay as open-minded as possible, and if we get confused about something, we figure things out peacefully.
  • Theorize, hypothesize, and experiment
  • Share construct designs! Both physical and metaphysical/energy constructs. Explain them and explain how to make them.

Everything goal on Stormmers post:

Put more goals in the comments v v v

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