Hello fellow wikians, 

This is my last message to as an admin and active member of this community, yes i am leaving wikia,  it was a great time i spent here, this site was the perfect place for me to well...learn not about pscionis or magick, but about something entirely different.

My Main goals here were:

Become admin in 100 days: Completed

Become Bcrat: Completed

Kick out all existing Admins and bcrats except 1 of each: Completed

Become the leading force in everything relating to this site: Completed

Elect new staff: Completed

Improve the site: Done (but there is still loads of potential)

With me no longer having any goals for this site, i feel as though i don't belong here anymore, and thus i am giving my admin-ship to someone else.

There are a lot of new people with loads of potential and dedication towards this site, and can make it the best HOC there is!

As for my last promotion, i think i will choose Truely, he is an astonishingly old member, mature on chat, edits daily, he shown various time he can adapt to change while sticking to his opinions. He is currently the best choice for an admin. this was definitely a hard choice which made me think for days, there is one other person who is a great choice for admin too. And that person is ALSY, he is also very helpful, i can guarantee that at least once in ur time on the wiki he would have helped you, he has also added loads of legit info like truely and has very strong beliefs.

Also Horsy the higly efficient and only girl staff of this site will become the Bcrat.

I will continue to be a Bcrat here, in-case there ever is a need for me, but till then Bye and good luck!


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