This is

 Torquil^_^  ,

Getting Straight to the point, Currently there is a confusion with the admins of this wikia:

  • We arnt sure about Horsy returning, and regaining her admin rights
  • We anrt sure if sean will be returning and if so, will he want to be admin ( this is due to his maybe resignation blog)
  • And i might have to go for this summer camp/intern thingy, soon, which will last a few weeks, but i will keep like a weekly tab on the site.
  • Amber is here, and STAYING!

Therefore the staff have decided to elect 2 temporary admins:

  • Stormmer
  • Truely Unknown

Without admins, there maybe problems, to avoid this we NEED someone to take the role of an admin.

Both, Stormmer and Truely, have shown their effots to make improve this site, and many a time have they, taken up an completed admin tasks, like finding and informming trolls, unwanted comments and pages, the list goes on.

thus, this will be put into action soon, and i will talk once more to truely and stormmer about it.

Thank You,

 Torquil^_^   14:08, June 17, 2013 (UTC)

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