Hi There! 

I am just here to propose two new concepts, that will tremendously help, if applied on the new site.

As you have noticed that one huge issue with this site was Credits, whether to users or other sites, there seemed to always be a issue with them. Well my suggestion is the creation of a Source template that will appear by default on every new page, and if a page is being edited after the first time the editor may just add the source to the template, as simple as that.

Now as i am sure you are aware that even after this simplified process some might not be able to do it. and this brings me to my second suggestion which is the creation of teams which will be responsible for a particular job/area. For example the members of "The Template Team" will have to sort out all the template related issues ans users can contact the template team for template related help, they will also be responsible for the creation of new templates as and when required. Another example could be "The Comments Patrol Team" Their main aim would be to partol the comments and bring to the notice of the respective staff then unwanted comments, perhaps even have the ability to change it them selves.

SO yea those were my two suggestions:

  1.  A source citation template
  2. Creation of Site Teams

Please share your opnions below



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