Hi there,

This is Torquil, just here to discuss an issue with you.

Recently TU, a former admin and one of the oldest, most helpful members (also one of the top 5 contributors of this site) was demoded. I am here because there are a group of members that believe that the demod was unfair, and baist.

I researched a little and found the reasons for his demod to be:

  1. His activity/behaviour on other sites.
  2. His lack of manners
  3. His rudeness
  4. Bad-mouthing this site

The people who have given these reasons will not be named, until and unless they themselves wish to be know for it.

Well then....

  1. According to the rules of "Wikia"  user can only be effected by his/her activity on this site, whether it be promotions, demotions or banning (though there have been some special cases in the past were people were effected, but their offence was too great)
  2. TU's lack of manners and his rudeness? LOL, are you kidding me?!?, Tu is one of the most decent guys on chat, he is mature, and i am sure that nobody thinks this way of him (yes there are times when a staff member has to be rude, but its only when the rules are broken)
  3. ^
  4. Well whether this is true or not, I do not know but according to this sites rules there needs to be proof or no action will be taken:
If blaming others of an offense, have proof
  • Simply put - proof or it didn't happen. 

Therefore TU will be remoded to his former position as the above reasons are baseless assumptions. Unless anyone can provide proof, or has sufficient reason for him to not be an admin.

Thanks for reading ^_^


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