Hello, This is


So this is just a blog to explain the new template i "imported" from the onepiece wikia.

which looks like this:

Edits of Torquil on PSI WIKIA
Total: 3,467
Article: 543
Talk: 90
User: 169
User talk: 0
Project: 10
File: 51
File talk: 2
Template: 95
Template talk: 1
Category: 5
Category talk: 0
Forum: 0
User blog: 52
User blog comment: 342

Well, that is just one of the various designs...

another one would be:

Edits of Stormmer on PSI WIKIA
Total: 496
Article: 40
Talk: 35
User: 8
User talk: 0
Project: 0
File: 2
File talk: 0
Template: 1
Template talk: 0
Category: 0
Category talk: 0
Forum: 0
User blog: 24
User blog comment: 114

well to add this to ur page and use ur own colours u need to add the following codeing to the SOURCE!

|name of the user

Note: the stats could be not updated, this because the operation of updating the users stats is running in background and is secondary to other operations, so there could be a little delay.


name of the user/1=the template will automatically show the edit stats of the user who will use it. Another user name can be given as free parameter to displaying the edits stats of the target user - free, default: owner of the profile.

bgcolor= for choosing the body color of the table - default: white.

headercolor= for choosing the header color (the first row) of the table - default: #FFFF99.

bordercolor= for choosing the border color of the table - default: black. textcolor= for choosing the font color of the table - default: black.

titlecolor= for choosing the font color in the header of the table - default: black.

width= for choosing the width of the table (in px/%/em) - default: 50%.

NOT TO FORGET: Though i didnt make this template, you can still bow down and worship me for bring this here :P


^to see how it would look on ur profile page click my Name!

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