I have made many changes in my life for my studies in pyrokinesis and energy manipulation. I have decided in order to master my true power, I must first master myself, mentally and physically. I have taken up TKD, I have quit some of my bad habits and addictions, I have strengthened my will power, I have become more respectful towards others and myself, and am starting to appreciate the little things in life more. I am becoming more devoted to school, meditation, and training, and I am learning to improve myself and better my life through hard work and perseverance. I know most of you don't care one bit about this, so shrug it off and continue with your day. As for me, I felt the need to share because I am proud of myself. I have noticed an increase in my abilities in pyrokinesis as well and I' also working on my third eye. So Good luck everyone, stay positive, and have a great day, now don't just sit at your computer reading this (I'm using phone :p Get out and live!

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