The Investigative Journal of an Average Person Curious About Kinesis

                    By Ron.

  To be completely honest, this page is more for my own self rather than any community. I just figured I may as well share my investigation/diary with anyone else who also has many questions about this. On this blog, I intend to find out the causes of kinesis, how it is done, any incidents occurring in the past related to this, The history and origin of kinesis, evidence supporting and against it, and just about anything relating to the subject. This topic sparks a real interest in me, and I wish to learn more about it. Thus fourth, I have decided to start a blog sharing my research. Not only will this blog go over my findings, but I also intend to try and learn HOW to do some form of this myself and decide once and for all if this is a hoax with a bunch of nerdy 30 year olds sitting in their parents' basement, typing away nonsense just to feel like a part of something, or if there really is something more at work here. Sure I'm a realist, but I still understand there many things we are yet to understand in this strange world. So I shall be making a post every other day sharing research and my progress in learning a kinesis (interested in electro) while also asking others on the psiwikia how they feel about it, and maybe get pointers on the way. Wish me luck folks as I go on this YEAR long (365 day) crusade to discover- the truth...

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