aka James

  • I live in Georgia
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is Nuthin
  • Trusty007

    I can speed up molecules to heat stuff up now

    Trying to set stuff on fire im working on that

    And im back, kinda of

    Im not done with training, but outside of you guys i cant come to alot of people who have experience

    So for all that wanted me back here i am, but i am taking my stuff seriously so my visits might be little

    Sooo welcome back to me..kinda

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  • Trusty007

    I'm Leaving

    December 28, 2013 by Trusty007

    I love this place

    I love the people

    And I'm tired of not getting stuff done you guys on here inspired me to make a good name for this place and pretty much humans altogether...

    I am going to practice and improve myself and maybe life won't be such a mess anymore, and you guys will know if im coming back or not, I promise that

    So bye and happy 2013

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