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    My time on this site and I hear no one say "OMG you did that with Telekinesis" or "Did you hear how (insert cool name here) did that with X- ray Vision". Yeh I never hear that all i hear is non funny junk and no good things I mean i can't do squat but if i could have something like biokinesis which is what im working on I would friggin troll on COD make everyone htink im a little kid or something and kill people like a boss or if i had Quantokinesis which is also what im working on i would have GOLD EVERYTHING (get the reference?) but i bet if you guys did anythnig cool with your powers i would love to hear it. It's just that everyone is so mature and serious about psionics and i know half of you are like 15-18 or whatever but loosen up a …

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    July 8, 2013 by TrustyPistol

    Me and a couple of buddies in the chat thought it would be a good idea to instead of have kinesis in everything to instead put PK then in front of it so for example:

    Pyrokinesis= PK: Fire/Flame/Blaze

    PK: Earth/ Rock

    PK: Water/Liquid

    and for the more non elemental and not so mainstream kinesises

    Umbrakinesis= PK: Shadow/ Shade

    Optikinesis= PK: Illusion/ Pupil (illusion sounds cooler)

    Cryokinesis= PK: Freeze/ Ice

    Electrokinesis= PK:Thunder/ Lightning/ Shock

    In a nutshell we would be adding the way cooler PK instead of finding an element looking for its greek name then adding kinesis in front of it.

    But thats just me tell me what you think in the comments below 


    Trusty Out!!!

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    A Change of Mind

    July 2, 2013 by TrustyPistol

    Hey guys I decided to come back to the wiki I know I said I was gonna be on the news and everything but I realized I just not good at psionics and stuff so I'm gonna leave the news thing to you guys considering everyone here is better than me so yeh.

    It sounds kinda pathetic I know but it's something you can't change so WELCOME BACK TO ME!

    Trusty Pistol :)

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    Instant Creation

    June 18, 2013 by TrustyPistol

    Hey guys im here to check in with a question is instant creation possible? Like can you pull anything you want out of thin air with practice and I know some of you guys think of the law of attraction and i do not mean that i already know about the law of attraction im talking about god style creation of things i wanna add this to what im going to be training in so please answer.


    - Trusty Pistol

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  • TrustyPistol

    Well if some of you were on the chat you heard me saying that I am leaving thw wiki not saying for how long but that wont lessen how much I am gonna miss you guys. I have made strong bonds with some of you and I don't regret a single thing on here. 

    When I come back or IF i come back you will NEVER KNOW I will come back as a better person and a better psionic and i'm gonna be looking for some hugs when or if i get back.

    One last thing to sum it up I love all of you and I am very glad i met you guys even if one of you doesnt like me as much I still love you.

    Well see you guys later next time you see me it will be on the news!!!! 

    Last goodbye 

    Your Friendly Neighborhood

    - Trusty Pistol

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